Quilting Service

Welcome to our appointment based quilting service! Rainbow Patchwork provides a professional Long Arm Machine Quilting service in McLeans Ridges, having served the Northern Rivers region for over ten years.

During your appointment, you will be assisted in selecting the appropriate backing and wadding for your quilt. Additionally, suitable thread colour options and quilting designs will be discussed.

Normally, our turnaround time is approximately one week.

What we offer:

  • Edge-to-edge quilting
  • Professional experience

All completed using a Gammill Statler Sticher Longarm quliting machine

Take note that the quilting service is only available to customers who purchase the wadding and backing materials from Rainbow Patchwork.

  • Backing

    We have a wide range of backing available.

  • Wadding

    We use Matilda's Own wadding and stock the following types:

    • 100% cotton
    • 100% polyester
    • 60/40 Wool Polyester Blend
    • 60/40 Wool Cotton Blend

    See full range here.

  • Designs

    Most quilt designs are $4/square foot.

    Seven designs shown below are discounted to $3/square foot.

preparing your quilt

What you have to do:

Backing and wadding

  • Purchased from Rainbow Patchwork
  • 5" extra around entire quilt


  • Ensure your quilt is ironed
  • Quilt top should lay flat
  • Seams should be pressed neatly on the back with no twists


  • Clip as many threads as possible
  • Dark threads can show through light fabrics


Possible extra costs

  • Hexagon quilt with a non-linear edge
  • Peepers that require additional tacking

If the above criteria are not present, a quilt either takes longer or is more difficult to do.

In view of this, you may be charged more to help cover the extra time.