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Quilting Service

Professional Long Arm Machine Quilting in Lismore















At Rainbow Patchwork we have a Gammill Statler Stitcher Longarm quilting machine. I am an experienced quilt maker and it is great to have this machine to help finish quilts.

We offer and edge to edge quilting service and will work with you in choosing the design, scale and thread colour to best enhance your work.

We have a huge range of designs available with a stitched out sample and will help you pick one that will finish your quilt off with style.

The thread we use for all our quilting is Aurifil 100% cotton thread, this is a superb quality thread with a lovely sheen.

We also stock a large range of wide backs, view the products page for what we have available.

Wadding we use Matilda's Own wadding and stock the following types:
100% cotton - 240cm and 310 cm 
100% polyester - 240cm
60/40 wool/poly blend - 310cm
We also stock
NuWool 60/40 Wool/poly blend - 240cm
Cotton Poly Parloft  - 240cm
Bamboo Parloft  - 240cm

Most quilting designs are an all inclusive $4 per square foot. We have 6 designs that we quilt for a special price of $3 per square foot. Our turn around rate is usually 1 week.

Quilt Preparation for Long Arm Quilting

IRONING - Make sure both your quilt and the backing are ironed. The quilt top should lay flat and seams should be pressed neatly on the back with no twists. The direction of the seams is important if you are going to ditch stitch the quilt.

THREADS - Clip as many threads as possible. Dark threads can show through light fabrics.

BORDERS - Make sure your borders lie flat. To achieve this measure across the middle of the quilt, cut the border pieces to this size and add to the sides (more detailed instructions here) If the borders are ‘wavy’ the fullness needs to be taken in during the quilting process and though we try to avoid it small tucks can result.

BACKING - Use a similar weight and quality to the top. Remember the colour thread used on the top will be seen on the backing. Backing needs to be 4” bigger than the quilt all the way around the quilt. Using widebacks (about 108” wide) saves you having to join the backing. If you do wish to join fabric for the back, make sure seams are ‘square’ and that it sits flat, remove selvedges and use 1/2” seams. We have a wide selection of widebacks at the shop - $25-$35 per metre.

WADDING - Use the wadding of your choice to suit how the quilt will be used.  It needs to be 4” bigger than the quilt all the way around.

If you would like to have us do some quilting for you come in to the shop to book it in or phone or email us if you are not local. Payment for quilting must be through the shop or by other arrangement with us, you are unable to do this on line.