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Free Patchwork Pattern - Layer Cake plus

A bright and easy quilt to create. You can use a layer cake plus fat quarters, or you can 'bust your stash'. Either way a lot of fun.


For each block you need to cut:
Bright coloured fabric - 1 square 9½".
B&W fabric - 2 pieces 9 " x 2½" and 2 pieces 13½" x 2½".

Squares from a layer cake can be cut down and used for the 9½" squares.
A fat quarter (or 25cm of full width fabric) will give enough fabric for 2 sets of B&W strips.

This is a also great pattern to use up your stash!

Each block finishes 12" square.
My quilt is 5 blocks x 6 blocks, so 30 blocks in all, and makes a quilt 60" x 72" (150cm x 180cm)

ALL SEAMS ARE JOINED WITH ¼” SEAM (unless otherwise indicated)

Step 1 - Cut the fabrics

Choose how many blocks you want for your quilt and cut the fabric accordingly.
You need bright coloured squares and B&W strips.
So to make 30 blocks you need one layer cake and 15 fat quarters (or 15 pieces at 25cm)

Bright coloured fabric - 1 square 9½".
B&W fabric - 2 pieces 9½" x 2½"
              and 2 pieces 13½" x 2½" (I oversized these and just roughly cut 15"x 2½")

Step 2 - Add borders to the squares

Add the 9½" x 2½" strips to the square.

Add the longer strips. It doesn't matter if they are oversized as we are about to trim the block.


Trim back to a 13" square



Step 3 - Cut and re-sew the squares

Cut the 13" square in half to form two 6½" strips.

Cut in half again - you now have four 6½" squares.

Re position the squares and sew back together.


All done! You now have a 12½" block.
Make as many as you need

Step 4 - Sew the blocks together

Take the 30 blocks and sew them together row by row.

Step 5 - Finishing

Quilt and add binding using your preferred methods. I use 2½” strips for binding.
You will need 8 strips for this quilt.