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Free Patchwork Pattern - Layer Cake Quilt #2

Layer Cake Patchwork Quilt

Another quilt to make with a layer cake. I used the range Flora designed by Joel Dewberry. You need 35 10"squares to complete this quilt.

Finished size - 165cm (66") x 205cm (81")

Rather than use a layer cake you can cut your own 10" squares or use your stash! You will also need a co-ordinating fabric.

In summary the requirements are:
  • 10" squares or a Layer Cake (click here to view what's available)
  • Co-ordinating fabric - 2.25m
  • Backing & wadding: enough to cover quilt

Other tools you will need

Cutting mat. Rotary cutter. Long ruler for use with a rotary cutter. A smaller ruler - easier to manoeuvre for the small cuts. Neutral coloured thread for sewing with - I like the Aurifil ne50 (this is a lovely fine 100% cotton thread, and I usually use a grey). General sewing supplies (thread snips, unpicker, pins, iron).

Before starting please note  all seams are joined with a  ¼” seam (unless otherwise indicated)
Also it is a good idea to read through all the instructions before starting.

Prepare the 10" squares

Cut 35 of the 10" squares in half - now you have 70 rectangles 10" x 5"

Join the newly cut rectangles

Join into groups of two, three and four.

Foursome Threesome Twosome TGroups need for one long section

For the quilt you need:
5 foursome groups
10 threesome groups
10 twosome groups

Prepare the co-ordinating fabric

Cut 5 strips at 3".  Sub cut these strips into 10" lengths.

Construct the long strip sections

The quilt is made up of 5 long strip sections.
For each long section you need: 1 foursome, 2 threesomes, 2 twosomes and 4 co-ordinating strips (each 3" x 10") 

You will need to make 5 of these. Join the 2's, 3's and 4's in different orders in each section to give a varied look.

Join the long sections together

Cut 8 strips at 3" of the co-ordinating fabric. Join in pairs so you have 4 long strips. Measure each of the long sections you have made and determine an average length. Cut the 4 long strips of the co-ordinating fabric to this length. Join the long sections together.

Add borders

Add a border of the co-ordinating fabric - I cut mine 5". If you need more info on adding borders look up Free Patchwork Tip - Adding Borders on this blog. It can be found in the category 'Handy Hints' Ready for quilting! Layer Cake 2

Quilt and add binding using your preferred methods.
I usually cut the binding strips 2½".