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Free Patchwork Pattern - Layer Cake Quilt #1

Free Patterns Pattern - Quilt Quilt - Layer Cake

Layer Cake Patchwork Quilt

A lovely quilt to make with a layer cake. A Layer Cake has 40 squares (10"). Using a layer cake means you have co-ordinated fabrics chosen for you. You can also cut your own 10" squares or use your stash! You will also need a co-ordinating fabric.

The pattern makes 80 squares - so you can make a quilt up to 8 squares  x 10 squares (76" x 95"  - 190cm x 240cm - before borders). 9 squares x 9 squares is also a good size (85" x85" - 215cm x 215cm - before borders) So you can see this is a big quilt - it would cover a King size bed or be a Queen size with good over hang. You can also make 2 smaller quilts - choices!!
In summary the requirements are:

  • 10" squares or a Layers Cake (click here to view what's available)
  • Co-ordinating fabric - each 10" square uses a 3" strip of fabric. so 40 squares uses 120"(3m) of background fabric
  • Backing & wadding: enough to cover quilt

Other tools you will need

Cutting mat. Rotary cutter. Long ruler for use with a rotary cutter. A smaller ruler - easier to manoeuvre for the small cuts. Neutral coloured thread for sewing with - I like the Aurifil ne50 (this is a lovely fine 100% cotton thread, and I usually use a grey). General sewing supplies (thread snips, unpicker, pins, iron).

Before starting please note  all seams are joined with a  ¼” seam (unless otherwise indicated)
Also it is a good idea to read through all the instructions before starting.

Prepare the 10" squares

Each 10" square is cut in half - now you have two rectangles 10" x 5"

Prepare the co-ordinating fabric

Cut 3" strips, sub cut these strips into 10" lengths.

Assemble the block

Sew a narrow strip of the co-ordinating fabric on each side of the layer cake fabric. The square should be 10" square at this point. Layer Cake 1

Assemble the quilt

Lay the blocks out as shown in the diagramQuilt layer. Join a row at a time. Then join the rows together. 
Assemble row by row - join one row at a time.
Then join the rows together.

Add borders

The quilt probably looks best with a border of the co-ordinating fabric - cut 4" minimum, but wider if you like.
If you need more info on adding borders look up click here.
Now it's ready to be quilted!

Borders Added

Quilt and add binding using your preferred methods.
I usually cut the binding strips 2½".

Layer Cake 4 Layer Cake 1

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