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Free Patchwork Pattern - Charm Pack Table Runner

Use a charm pack or any 5" squares to make this 'Charming' Patchwork Table Runner

Size   15” x 46”

Charming Table Runner 2


  • 1 Charm pack or 34 5” squares - remember a Layer Cake cut into quarters makes 5 Charm squares.
  • 25cm fabric for border strip
  • 25cm fabric for binding
  • Backing - enough to cover 15" x 46", add 4" all the way around if you are long arm machine quilting.

Other tools you will need

Cutting mat. Rotary cutter. Long ruler for use with a rotary cutter. A smaller ruler - easier to manoeuvre for the small cuts. Neutral coloured thread for sewing with - I like the Aurifil 50wt thread (this is a lovely fine 100% cotton thread, and I usually use a grey). General sewing supplies (thread snips, unpicker, pins, iron).

Before starting please note  all seams are joined with a  ¼” seam (unless otherwise indicated)
Also it is a good idea to read through all the instructions before starting.


The centre of the Table Runner

Choose 18 of the 5” charm squares for the centre of the table runner. Join these in two rows of nine.

Add the first border

Cut 3 strips at 1½" to use as the first border.
Join to the long sides first then the short sides. Measure each side and cut the strip to the correct length before you add the strip.

Adding First Border 

Join pieces for the final border

Cut 15 of the 5” charm squares into 4 small squares as shown.

Cutting a Square in 4 

Join these small squares in rows:
2 rows of 22 squares for the sides.
2 rows of 8 squares for the ends.
Add this final border

Use the picture to see the placement of the second border. Attach the long sides first  (22 squares) and then the short ends (8 squares) Measure each side and cut the strip the correct length before you add the strip. The final pieces on each row may not be a full square, this is ok. Just cut whatever length you need.

Finishing touches

Complete the table runner by quilting and adding binding using your preferred method.