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Free Patchwork Pattern - Jelly Roll #2

Here's something to make with 2 1/2" strips from your stash or use a jelly roll.

In summary the requirements are:

  • 1 jelly roll (40 strips at 2 1/2")
  • 80 cm of contrast fabric (for border around squares)
  • 45 cm of fabric for binding

  • backing and wadding to cover 59" quilt, add margins as needed.

Other tools you will need

Cutting mat. Rotary cutter. Long ruler for use with a rotary cutter.  Neutral coloured thread for sewing with - I like the Aurifil ne50 (this is a lovely fine 100% cotton thread, and I usually use a grey). General sewing supplies (thread snips, unpicker, pins, iron).

Before starting please note  all seams are joined with a  ¼” seam (unless otherwise indicated)
Also it is a good idea to read through all the instructions before starting.

Sew strip sets

Sew 4 strips together.
Neaten one edge and cut two 8" pieces.
Take the two pieces and square to 8" square.

Add an extra strip to the remaining piece of the 4 strips (now there are 5 strips).
Neaten one edge and cut two 10" pieces.
Take the two pieces and square to 10" square.

Do this 6 times.
You will have:
12 squares with 4 strips at 8" square.
12 squares with 5 strips at 10" square.

Sew 4 strips together and make one more 8" square (you can use small pieces).

Borders for the 8" blocks

Take the contrasting fabric.
Cut 13 strips at 2"
From each strip cut 2 pieces at 8"and 2 pieces at 12"

Sew an 8" strip to 2 sides of the 8" block

Sew the 12" strips to the remaining sides - these strips will be slightly too long, that is okay.

Trim this to 10" square.

Assemble the quilt

Lay the blocks out 5 x 5 with the bordered blocks in the corners.

Join row by row.


Outer Border

Join the remaining strips together. Cut 5" segments for the border. You will need 25-28 small strips (2 1/2" x 5") for each side.


Measure the width of the quilt.
Cut two border pieces to this size.
Add to the top and bottom.

Measure the length of the quilt (now it will be quilt plus borders) - cut 2 border pieces to this size. Add to each side.


Quilt and Bind using your favourite methods.

This quilt is approx 59" square, I cut 6 strips of binding at 2.5".